I am a Software Developer by day and huge geek by night.

My interests range from the following but are always changing so this list is by no means complete.

  • Game Development - I do love doing game jams and plan on releasing some commercial products in the future.
  • Reverse Engineering (I am interested in it but by no means good at it, though I have managed to break a few easy cracks me’s).
  • Systems Program - Like most things not really good at it but find it interesting.
  • Automation (DevOps) - This more comes from my desire to automate nearly everything. I can’t stand doing manual processes so if I can automate it I will.
  • Open Source Tools - Mainly for the control aspect. I like being able to control my workflow rather than being limited by what a bunch of companies want to let me do.
  • Video Games - Really who doesn’t like playing them these days.
  • Memes and silly humor. I try not to take myself to seriously.