Final chapter I am going to cover off how to work with other people using this markdown centric workflow.

R Markdown Co-Operation

This one is really easy, just stick your R Markdown files in a git repository and work on the files together like any other source code.

Working on Documents Created By Other People

This one is again pretty simple. You are going to have to just bite the bullet and open the document in Office (or WPS) and make the edit. It is not worth trying to convert the document to markdown make the edits and recompile it to send it back. This is just going to trash their formatting and make them made with you.

Receiving edits to your document from other people in word.

There are a few ways you can approach this. One is enable track changes on the document so you can see the changes they added and then update your markdown to match.

If they made a large change and didn’t annotate your document you can convert the word document back to markdown with pandoc.

pandoc updated-version.docx -f docx -t markdown -o

Once you have it back in markdown you can diff the version you have with their updates and make the changes.

Thankfully most companies these days are moving to online wiki style document collaboration like Confluence while not perfect are markdown driven so nicer to deal with.

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