Here is a list of useful links, programs, podcasts that I find interesting and useful. I find having this all in one place is useful because I can send people here when making recommendations.


= Not free software

Pod Casts


  • Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman interviews lots of interesting people in tech.
  • Cyber - Motherboard’s security podcast. Sometimes has - intresting stuff.
  • Sudo Show - New podcast on Destination Linux network about IT Automation. Seems pretty solid so far.
  • .NET Rocks - Good pod cast on .NET ecosystem
  • Risky Business - Good podcast about IT Industry news. Hosts have a good sense of humor so its worth listening to just for the funny stuff going on around the world but has really good content too.
  • Destination Linux - Good Linux news podcast.
  • Windows Weekly - Not a bad Microsoft podcast. They give pretty good insight into what Microsoft are doing and call them out on bs.
  • Darknet Diaries - Really good story telling about hacks in the past. The production quality of this is super high.
  • WAN Show - General IT news with a slant towards hardware.
  • Coding Blocks - Good developer podcast. More focused on workflow and patterns than actual languages.
  • Command Line Heros - Really good podcast that goes over IT history. Has really high production quality.
  • JS Party - Javascript podcast
  • Change Log - Has some interesting dev related content
  • Tabs and Spaces - Good dev pod cast.
  • CPP Cast - C++ Podcast that interviews lots of people in the Industry.



  • The Tim Ferriss Show - Tim interviews all kinds of successful people. Sometimes there are som really interesting interviews.
  • Brain Science - Has interesting segments about how the brain works. Good for mental health and wellbeing.

Web Browsers

  • Firefox - Firefox is the main browser I use. Mainly for the Multi account container extension and all the privacy stuff built in.
  • Vivaldi - My second browser, mainly for its chromium engine but it also has some nice ui customization and is fully compatible with chrome extensions.
  • Tor Browser - Useful browser for routing your traffic via tor. Mainly use this for visting links I think are possible scams.
    • Tails - Live linux environment for browsing tor and not persisting any local data.
    • Whonix - A set of 2 VMs. 1 is a gateway that forces all traffic via tor and the second is a desktop vm with a browser.

Firefox Extensions

  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers - Probably the number one reason to use Firefox. It lets you specify separate containers that have their own cookies and local storage. You can then tell certain sites to always open in the containers.
  • 1Password - Fills in logins with 1password.
  • ClearURLs - Strips marketing tracker crap from urls
  • Cookie AutoDelete - Removes all cookies except the ones you white list. Also supports container tabs.
  • Decentraleyes - Redirects CDN links for css and scripts to local copies if available to help prevent tracking.
  • HTTPS Everywhere - As its name suggests it redirects http to https when possible.
  • I don’t care about cookies - Removes those damn accept cookies popups on most sites.
  • Privacy Badger - Helps block newer trackers by learning from patterns.
  • Redirect AMP to HTML - Redirect AMP pages to html version. AMP is a pointless tech that needs to go away.
  • uBlock Origin - Ad blocker.

Productivity and Communication

  • Proton Mail - Secure and convenient email client. Also used their vpn to bypass geo blocking nonsense while on holiday.
  • Toggl - Not a bad timer for tracking how much time you are assigning to something. Used to use it when i had to track my time for time sheets.
  • Nextcloud - A self hosted cloud services solution. Can handle all kinds of things via apps but I mostly use it for file storage and RRS feed aggregation.
  • Discord - Chat app aimed at gamers but has most features a business would want too. mainly use it because that is where my friends are.
  • Joplin - Great open source note taking app. Has a desktop and mobile client that can sync via webdav or nextCloud.

Office Tools

  • Zathura - Minimal PDF viewer that works well for tiling window managers. Opens fast and lets you view documents, don’t need much more. It also supports cd, djvu and postscript files with plugins.

  • WPS Office - Office suite that has good compatibility with MS Office because it works with those formats.

  • Libre Office - Good open source office suite. Can be useful sometimes.

  • Foxit Reader - Not my normal PDF reader but it is useful when you need to fill out PDF forms.

Security Software

  • 1Password - Password manager that seems to do a pretty good job. I am considering replacing this at some point with an open source project.
  • Yubikey - Good way to secure PGP keys and authenticate with systems in a secure way.


  • My dot files - My app settings that I deploy to all the systems I use. Feel free to view and make use of bits and pieces.
  • I3WM Gaps - Tiling window manager I use.
  • Alacritty - Terminal emulator that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. Uses the GPU to speed up rendering so its very fast.

Linux Distros

  • Arch Linux - Linux Distro I use on most of my machines.
  • Manjaro - A good Distro if you want an easy install and good new hardware support.
  • Pop OS - A good Distro to run if you need a debian based distro. Also has good hardware support.
  • Debian - A good Distro for running on servers if you want stability.


  • Sysinternals - Has a heap of Windows utilities. These should be part of windows.

Software Development

Editors and Addons

  • Visual studio Code - Great all round IDE. Particularly good for web front end stuff.
  • Jet Brains - They make a bunch of good development tools that work cross platform.
    • CLion - Good c++ IDE. Supports Cmake out of the box but now has make project support too. (Note: If you want to open Visual studio c++ projects Rider can open those). Also has rust support.
    • Rider - Nice .NET IDE alternative to Visual Studio.
    • ReSharper - Cool code refactoring tool for when you are stuck in VS (Rider has most of its features).
    • PhpStorm - Good IDE for if you ever have to work on legacy php code.
    • GoLand - Golang IDE
    • PyCharm - Decent Python IDE. Supports most project types and also has a free version (I use pro version).
    • RubyMine - Ruby IDE.
    • IntelliJ IDEA- Best java IDE. Also the base of Android Studio and also can be equipped with an official rust plugin with to add full debug support. Has free and paid versions.
    • neovim - Editor of choice to do remote system administration and editing in the terminal. Also use vim a lot too because its installed on most linux systems.
    • Doom Emacs - Nice distro of emacs that has nice aesthetics, vim key bindings and also pretty fast.


Web Resources

Free assets

  • Unsplashed - Lots of free and good quality stock photos.
  • Lorempixel - Generates place holder images for different dimensions.
  • Font Awesome - Lots of useful and free icons for use in web sites.